Waterproofing Pretoria

Waterproofing on homes, commercial and industrial properties are essential and important because it will save you on repair cost. If not looked after properly, these properties will weaken and devaluation will occur. It’s fact that property of all kinds needs to be maintained frequently. For this, you’ll need a professional to help with specialised waterproofing craftsmen.

Tremco: Expert waterproofing contractor Pretoria

Tremco is a well known, established and reputable Waterproofing company in Pretoria with a highly qualified workforce who are all experts in their field.

Waterproofing Services. Waterproofing of verge covers
Waterproofing of verge covers


Tremco provides specialised waterproofing services and specialise in waterproofing on roofs and walls. Our craftsmen undergo regular training on their trade in addition to safety.  Only tools and safety equipment of high standard are used. Highly trained craftsmen supervise teams. Tremco’s waterproofing services experts are familiar with every aspect involved in maintenance and repair of the roofs. The best tools, equipment in addition to superior materials are used for the job.


Roofing systems eventually give in to the weather, nothing will last forever. Routine checks on your roof must be conducted by you to make sure that a leaking roof doesn’t catch you by surprise. Tremco’s qualified craftsmen are more than qualified to provide the necessary maintenance to keep you dry in bad climate. With experience in damp proofing in PretoriaTremco have tackle different problems for 20 years, with good results.

Workmanship guaranteed

What is especially relevant is the prices of replacement and repairs of property today one need to have your roof checked frequently. It’s important to maintain your roof by highly qualified artisans that know exactly what they are doing, regularly. Make sure that they will use quality materials.

Materials used by Tremco are the latest and greatest, the best obtainable. All work done on property, is guaranteed for a full 5 years with extended guaranty available after the 5 years.

Roof Repair

Roofs deteriorate on all property in time. This wear and tear causes leaking in addition to rusting of the roof and will decrease the value of the property as well as declines the functionality of the roof. (Read more)

Waterproofing in Pretoria. Here you will find info on Waterproofing for property, Waterproofing needs of Roofs and Walls in Pretoria.

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