Tremco Waterproofing on all property

Waterproofing on private, commercial and industrial roofs are necessary. These assets will deteriorate and lose it’s value if not looked after. It’s a well known fact that property of all kinds need to be renovated frequently. For this you need the expert help of provisional Waterproofing company.

Property is very pricey  and costly to replace and can’t be replaced very often and makes it necessary to maintain frequently. A must for it to be maintained by highly qualified professional craftsmen. Craftsmen that know exactly what they are doing and use quality materials, the best available for the job.

Waterproofing Preparation.
Waterproofing Preparation. Removal of lose pain and fungi from cement tile roof.

Waterproofing Cement Tile Roof.
Waterproofing Cement Tile Roof. Cement tile roof after waterproofing and painting.

Tremco is a well established and highly reputable Waterproofing company as well as expert Waterproofing Services provider and are based in Pretoria.

With a highly qualified workforce all being experts in there field Tremco provide a professional Waterproofing Service. Our artisans undergo frequent refreshment courses on their trade as well as safety practices.

Tools used in there trade are maintained daily and are of high quality, this include safety equipment. The team is supervised by highly qualified craftsman. They not only supervise the work being done correctly but also see to safety practices.

Tremco manufactures and applies their materials which are of a very high quality.  All work done on your roofs are guaranteed for a full 5 years with a extended guarantee available after 5 years.

Waterproofing of Concrete Slabs.
Waterproofing of Concrete Slabs. Torch on Waterproofing System for concrete slabs.

Waterproofing of Concrete Slabs.
Waterproofing of Concrete Slabs. Painting of waterproofed concrete slab.

Specialists in waterproofing of existing roofs, Tremco Waterproofing company are always able to help you with all maintenance on your property.

Roof Repair

Roofs deteriorate on all property in time with no exception. This deterioration consisting of leaking and rusting, work to the the property’s devaluation. It also decrease the functionality of the property’s roof. (Roof Repair Pretoria)


Termco as a Painting Contractor provide a first class Painting Service of walls, interior and exterior for clients with residential, commercial and industrial property. All services are provided over all of Pretoria and surrounding areas.

Tremco aims to please with an excellent service record and very pleased customers and a 5 year guarantee with a extended guaranty available after the 5 years.

Waterproofing of Roof and Walls. Here you will find info on Waterproofing for property, Waterproofing needs in Pretoria.

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