Tips for Autumn: Top 5 Roof Maintenance Tips

Autumn maintenance suggestions

With harsh summer rains on its way, the autumn season is the perfect time to work on roof maintenance. Do maintenance before a blizzard hit, don’t hesitate to take care of the roof maintenance your home needs before it’s too late.

The professional roofing contractors at Tremco, know from experience how difficult summer weather conditions can be for roof installations and roof repairs. With over 30 years of experience in roof installations and repairs, they have developed a sterling reputation with building owners and architects throughout Pretoria.

The team is proved to share their expertise with five roof maintenance tips for the autumn:

1. Trim Back Branches close to your Home:

Trim tree branches when you notice that they get too close to your home as this prevents any damage to your roof in future and it is also a good idea. If you do this during the autumn it also reduces the number of leaves that can end up in your gutter.

2. Clean Your rooftop and gutters:

Leaves that fall on your rooftop during autumn will end up into your gutters and downpipes in abundance. This clogs in your gutters and downpipes, preventing water from flowing freely. Water then end up damming up onto the roof and into your home. This causes water damage over time, leading to cracks and mold on your roof and attic.

3. Gutter Guards must be Install:

Make it easier on yourself and cut down on how much gutter cleaning you’ll have to do, getting and fit gutter guards. The cost-effective caps which fit snugly inside your gutters prevent leaves from falling in. The gutter guards have small holes in them allowing water to flow into the gutters while keeping the twigs and leaves out.

4. Have your Roof Inspection:

Have a professional look at your roof to see if it’s prepared to handle stormy weather before the summer weather hits. It’s better to find any roof maintenance issues early. This will save you a lot of money.

5. Get Roof Repairs done:

There’s no better time to take care of your rooftop than during autumn. If your roof inspection reveals any damage in need of repairs call in professional roofers and roof repairers. There will be peace of mind knowing all your roof’s maintenance issues are resolved and ready for the summer.

Tremco is a professional roofing and roof repair company that will prepare your roof for the summer season, we also offer a five-year guarantee on all works done on your home. You won’t find a more committed commercial roofing company throughout the entire Pretoria and surrounding areas.

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