Find and restore a leakage in your roof

Scrutinise your rooftop yearly to dodge costly roof repairs by spotting rooftop drips quick.

This is what you have to look for…

Is there a leakage on the rooftop?

Check for stains on your ceiling and if so you absolutely have a leak. Whether this is produced by a leaking rooftop or a water heater excess hose, you’ll want to discover the source of the leak as soon as possible.

Broken Tile

Climb into the ceiling is not always a perfect method to check a leaking roof as it may be caused by wet, specifically if it’s in your bathroom or washing room. Take a look at the attic to rule out rooftop leaks.

How to inspect the attic space.

Use the access panel to access the roof space to look at the roof above. Check for places where light is shining through the tiles to locate a slipped tile.

Major leaks triggered by variously broken tiles, loose ridge caps or rotting flashings are best left to the professionals.

Change a slipped tile

A heavy rainstorm, particularly with fast winds, can sometimes cause a tile to slip out of place. This can be corrected by shifting the tile back into position.

Get a piece of hard wire coat hanger and bend it to fashion a hook at the end. Use the catch to pull the tile back into position alongside the laths cross beams that support the tiles.

If more than one tile has moved, use wooden planks to raise the two overlying tiles immediately above the tile or tiles you want to shift.

Replace cracked/broken roof tiles

For a cracked/broken roof tile, use wooden planks to raise the two overlapping tiles right above the cracked/broken tile.

Repair tiles

Attempt to drag out the damaged tile through the gap.  If the tile has been nailed into position, you may need to pull the nail out. Should the tile be stuck in place, as a final resort, you can have to break the tile to get it out? Remember to wear gloves and goggles to as protection of your hands and eyes.

Place the replacement tile by maneuvering it into place and making certain that it is placed on the support laths.

Repair slipped, cracked or broken ridge cap

This job forces you to get onto the roof to swap and cement a new ridge cap. If in doubt, call the professionals.

Leaks around skylights and domes

Age, stormy weather and poor installation can repeatedly result in drips around skylights, solar domes and other mounted fittings that are joined to the roof. The consistent examination will help identify leaks early.

Annually\Yearly examination the state of the skylights and domes to rectify any corrosion or wear and tear will make sure that these fittings don’t leak in the future.

If you find a leak in your roof, feel free to make contact with Tremco (specialist roofing contractor) to inspect your rooftop painstakingly. Cell: 073 270 8270 Website:

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