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Tile roof waterproofing


Roof maintenance is an ongoing process. The weather deteriorates a property and one needs
to keep one’s hand on it.


This property was not in a too bad situation. It needed a waterproofing touch and a fresh
a layer of paint.


Waterproofing started to crack and lift up. If the left opening for the rain to enter and
deterioration of the roof. 

Possible outcome

When water enters a roof the structure will fail and mould will grow. Leaving the situation as it
is will cause huge expenses to occur. Mould growing in the roof will have medical
consequences. This will have huge financial expenses.


The old defective waterproofing must be removed. Replace with a fresh waterproofing
membrane to seal the roof. Paint the roof to protect it.


The owner agreed for the work to proceed.

Work done

Clean the roof of all dust and lose paint. Remove cracked waterproofing and replace with
french waterproofing. Paint the roof with high-quality UV resistant paint.
Waterproofing tile roof
Waterproofing tile roof

Tile roof waterproofed
Tile roof waterproofed


After the roof was newly waterproofed and painted the property is now well protected for
its occupants.


The contractor removed the redundant waterproofing and renewed it. The waterproofed house
is a pleasure to stay in now. 

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