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How to damp proofing of house – Pretoria


The paint on a house and any other type of property needs to be maintained regularly. After years of neglect, the paint will start to crack and flake. The paint no longer protects the wall and water will enter causing damage to the wall.


This property in Pretoria had flaking of paint for quite some time. Water started penetrating the walls. This will lead to the plasterwork to detach and fall off. Mould will start to grow.


The paint on the exterior walls is forming flakes because of poor to no maintenance of the paint on the walls. Signs of mould growth are starting to show.

Possible outcome

When these exterior walls are left unprotected they will crack and the plasterwork will fail. Rectifying the situation will be very expensive when left for much longer. Mould growth will take place which will compromise the health of the occupants.


Remove paint, fill cracked and replace damaged plaster. Damp-proof exterior walls to ensure that they are watertight. Paint exterior walls with quality UV resistant paint.

Decision made by the customer/owner

The owner agreed to the damp-proofing and painting. Work on the exterior walls could commence.

Work proceeds

Scrape flaking paint from the walls and sand the surface smooth. Fill cracks (these are not structural cracks) with Polyfilla and replace damaged plaster. Sand the area smooth after all has dried. Damp-proof the exterior walls and give them a coat of quality UV resistant paint for protection.

House partly painted
House partly painted

Painting in progress
Painting in progress

Damp-proofing in progress
Damp-proofing in progress

Damp-proofing and painting of a house
Damp-proofing and painting of a house


All flaking paint was removed and damp-proofing was applied to the exterior walls. A coat of UV resistant paint sealed the wall from any damage by the weather. This will keep water out of the walls and no mould growth can take place.


The property is now well protected against the weather. The occupants can rest assured that they can occupy the property without fear of the weather and health consequences.

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