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Waterproofing of a zinc roof- Mr Zeeman


A roof needs to be maintained properly. Roofs and everything else on earth will deteriorate after time. The roof rust if not protected and it will let water in. Damp lead to timber rotting and the forming of mould. This will lead to financial consequences and will also lead to medical issues for the occupants.


The reasonably repaired and waterproofed zinc roof is maintained and only needed minor repairs done, waterproofing to be patched up and properly painted for protection.

Possible outcome

There is a point where a roof if left to deteriorate too far will be beyond repair. Replacement of the entire roof will be inevitable.


After some minor repairs on this roof, it then will need waterproofing and UV resistant paint.

Work commenced 

All dust and debris needed to be removed from the roof with a high-pressure hose. The loose material must be removed properly. Redundant waterproofing must be stripped off the roof and then the roof will be sealed with fresh waterproofing. It ensures that no water will penetrate the roof. The roof is then painted with quality UV resistant paint.

Waterproofed zinc roof
Waterproofed zinc roof

Roof repairs, waterproofing and painting of a zinc roof
Roof repairs, waterproofing and painting of a zinc roof


With the work completed the roof will ensure the occupants with protection against the weather. Tremco provides a guarantee on all material and workmanship for 5 years.


With newly waterproofing and painting completed on the roof, it will now serve its purpose of weather protection of the occupants and adding esthetic value to the property.

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